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Supporter. Token Ico information

Supporter. Token  Ico information

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an ICO-project, supporter token.

I will tell ab out everything in detail in this article.

People love to donate to nonprofit organizations, but trust is at an all time low.
This one trillion dollar industry is riddled with scandals and rampant unbridled spending. Sometimes, only 3% of a donation actually supports the cause for which it was designed. The result: everyone loses. The needy lack funds, organizations lack the resources to have a significant impact, legitimate organizations are given a bad reputation and donors stop giving. This is why SupPorter is using innovative innovations in Blockchain technology to shed light on a dark and inefficient fundraising space.

COLLECT FUNDS SupPorter will be the first "intelligent" donation processing system of Blockchain enabled in the world, for non-profit organizations and political campaigns.
The Blockchain allows organizations to receive donations safely without the need for a centralized intermediary such as a bank. This reduces fees and allows organizations to accept real (fixed) and digital (crypto) currencies.

The beauty of SupPorter is that donors do not have to use cryptocurrencies
, because donations, regardless of currency, can be converted seamlessly into SP tokens in the front and This means that we do not ask people to change the way they have been supporting organizations for years.

SupPorter will radically simplify the end of the year filing process.
Distributed ledger data can be easily classified, analyzed and entered into financial reporting forms. For example, IRS Form 990 is currently a major headache for non-profit organizations. This form is typically more than 50 pages and can take a team of counters weeks to complete. With SupPorter, this process could be completed in a matter of minutes.

SupPorter will radically simplify the end of the year filing process.
Distributed ledger data can be easily classified, analyzed and entered into financial reporting forms. For example, IRS Form 990 is currently a major headache for non-profit organizations. This form is typically more than 50 pages and can take a team of counters weeks to complete. With SupPorter, this process could be completed in a matter of minutes.

Bringing charitable donations to the 21st century and the Blockchain.
Invest in SupPorter
Almost 50% of people do not trust charities, and for good reason. Sometimes, only 3% of a donation is actually used to support the cause for which the donation is intended (Source: Reader's Digest).

That's why SupPorter is using Blockchain technology to bring transparency and efficiency to the fundraising space.

We believe that SupPorter will provide a faster, cheaper and more transparent form of donation, all without requiring users to be illiterate. We also hope that SupPorter greatly simplifies the end of year submission process for the organizations that participate in our platform (IRS Form 990, 1120, etc.).

An investment in SupPorter is an investment in every charity organization on the planet. It is an opportunity to invest in block chain technology while having a positive impact on our planet.

The funds of this crowdfunding campaign will be used to finalize the development of our token and network (which are currently working prototypes) and to incorporate more charities and other organizations to our platform (which is already operational). We anticipate that investors will be able to use our token on our platform within a year after the closing of this offer.

Invest in SupPorter today. Help us to modernize charitable donations!
Transparency for the use of funds through the distributed ledger
Instant settlement and conversions through smart contracts
Practically 0% processing fees through Blockchain
Automated end-of-year presentation through the SupPorter network

Investment opportunity Investment: common shares and SP chips

$ 5 / ordinary share: when it invests, it is betting that the future value of the company will exceed $ 51 million.


SP Tokens (los "Tokens")

The offer includes 250 SP chips, for every $ 5.00 spent. In addition, the following bonuses will apply.

$ 500 + - If you invest between $ 500 and $ 1,999, you will receive a discount rate of 2% on the price per record.

$ 2,000 + - If you invest $ 2,000- $ 9,999, you will receive a discount rate of 4% on the price per record.

$ 10,000 + - If you invest $ 10,000- $ 49,999, you will receive a 6% discount rate on the Token price.

$ 50,000 + - If you invest between $ 50,000 and $ 99,000, you will receive a discount rate of 10% on the price per record.

$ 100,000 + - If you invest $ 100,000, you will receive a discount rate of 15% on the price per record.

SP tokens will be an ERC20 token built in Ethereum Blockchain and will function as the main means of exchange in a newly created decentralized donation market. Organizations will be able to accept and track SP tokens in a way that is cheaper, faster and more transparent than FIAT's current alternatives.

The right to tokens depends on the successful development of such tokens and, as far as possible, on the blockchain on which they operate. There is no guarantee that any successful development will ever happen.

SP Tokens are the standard ERC20 that users will have access to when they sign up on this platform for free.


Inman Porter

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Porter

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Asa Porter

Co-Founder and Director of Government Relations

Douglas Schwartz

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Justin Michela

Chief Technology Officer

Pratik Padaliya

Chief Information Officer

Blake Ramsay

Chief Compliance Officer

Martin Fleischmann

Chief Marketing Officer

Sumit Singhal

Head of Technology & Blockchain Developer

Nicolas Kammerdiener

Head of Product

Cameron Greene

Community Manager

Cameron Greene is the social media 


DuBose Porter

DuBose Porter is the current Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia 

Guyton Porter

Guyton Porter is currently a consultant at First Access Entertainment.  

Doug Busk

Douglas Busk currently works at MSL as Managing Director of the Atlanta office. He previously..

Mark Hubbard

A well known mentor and investor, Hubbard brings decades of management 

Austin Mills

Austin Mills is an attorney in Morris, Manning & Martin’s Corporate Technology Practice...

Kashi Sehgal

Kashi Sehgal is Co-Founder & CEO of Gigabark,

Clark Seydel

Rob Gannaway

Rob is Co-Founder and CFO of Steppingblocks,

John David Hanna 

John Hanna is an Atlanta Native and attended the University of Georgia 

Jonathan Nwiloh

Jonathan is an associate attorney at Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele

Anna Marie Hanna

Anna Marie Hanna recently graduated from the University of Georgia 

Randall Pires

After graduating from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree, Randall Lee Pires spent the next 10 years 

SupPorter is a family company founded by four brothers: Inman, Asa, Guyton and Stephen Porter (SupPorter, get it?). “The Porter Boys” grew up in a political family, and after working for various campaigns and nonprofits, they realized that the fundraising process was outdated and inefficient. By utilizing new innovations in blockchain technology, they realized that they could help organizations raise more money through a more comprehensive, efficient and transparent fundraising model.


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