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Bloxia token ico information

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an ICO-project Bloxia

I will tell about everything in detail in this article.

Introducing Bloxia: the first decentralised hardware and cold storage cross chain wallet (from blockchain to crowdchain)

In this twenty-first century, the rate at which peer to peer interaction and transactions are expanding globally, is highly significant. In the area of business and e-commerce, the basis of a thriving product/services is prompt and fair payment and this is where the cypto industry has alleviated our sufferings.

The introduction and success of bitcoin and ethereum has been followed with thousands of other tokens and altcoins. But even at that, many people are still skeptical and reluctant to adopt cryptocurrencies in general. Though cryptocurrencies has been spinning up with it's volatile bullish trends and rapid global speculation, it still has a huge entry-barrier. This is because of the complexity of some Apps and wallets during usage. How do you expect people with busy schedules to be able to provide multiple passwords and thousand-clicks before accessing their crypto wallets? That's if they have been able to convert their fiat to cryptocurrency through exchange market and all that.
How about adequate security? In August 2016, reports had it that about 120,000 BTCs were lost to a hack incidence. These are the type of news that instills fear in the minds of non-crypto investors likewise sorrow in the hearts of the affected investors.

In as much as Cryptocurreny's features are spreading like wild fire, there are not enough law-compliant -exchange markets out there and this situation predisposes investors to great risk of their assets and investments. Phenomena like blind rate, poor customer service and other technicalities would be inherent.
That brings us to two major concerns which is privacy and transparency. Wait a minute, that I don't want my details and identity all over the place and probably in the wrong hands does not mean I care not for a crystal clear updates about my assets /investment.

Similarly, there are yearly influx of a thousand ICOs, that promises to go to the moon hence attracting huge investors and users but some months later, one becomes shocked to learn that the tokens had become of little or no worth (shit coins) because the project lacks proper business model, strategy, vision etc. Apart from success in crowdsale/hardcap/ICO, projects need full support and participation from the public. Thus for Blockchain to succeed, the crowd must be involved.
All these are the problems facing the crypto-community. These hampers the growth and full adoption of Cryptocurreny. But not to worry as there is a lime light beyond the horizon!

Introducing Bloxia: The blockchain accelerator

Bloxia is the first decentralised platform ever to create a secure smartwallet that has a mobile hardware. Not only does it have a hardware wallet but it also contains about 50coins/tokens including an inbuilt exchange. This means you don't need numerous wallet keys nor exchange markets. You can also store them offline/cold with icewallet all on your mobile phone.
Also, with Bloxia you have the ability to automatically manage your portfolio. It combines human and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a reliable investment decisions based on market data, experts analysis etc.

BLOX is the powerful ERC20 based token of Bloxia platform & it will always grow in value because of increased usage and deflationary roadmap. As a utility token, it will be used to incentivize within the community. It can easily be converted to other altcoins or fiat. Signed on a smart contracts that ensures transparency and satisfaction of transactions, Bloxia will stop at nothing in reaching it's goals of making blockchain a crowdchaineven if it means changing to its own Blockchain.
In as much as phone ownership and acquisition has been made easy, so has Bloxia leveled down the entry barriers and users difficulties associated with use of Cryptocurreny, in that every mobile phone user can become a crypto owner or user with just a download of Bloxia's multi-functional App. So generally, Bloxia have four sub-functions: B/SAFE, B/SMART, B/SIGNED & B/LOYAL.

B/SAFE: Bloxia utilizes dynamic cryptographic protocols such as TensorFlow, IPFS distributed storage layer, Java, Let's, Hadoop & Spark//Back-end layer, Spring, Geth//Database layer, JSON/REST, Web3j, Python, Node.js//integration layer, SQL etc. These ensures the best security, Scalability and fastest speed ever achievable on Blockchain. These also support the unique one for all smartwallet for 50+ coins and tokens. It has special safekeys that makes hacks/malware impossible.
The inbuilt exchange solves crosschain/interoperability issues.

Use Cases
Dr. Green is a crypto trader with twenty coins in his portfolio. Four are EOS based, six are Stellar, three are Wave and the rest are Etherum based. He has in total, four public & private walletkeys of different blockchains. Each time he needs to transact, he searches for the right keys to use.
But with Bloxia, Mr Green will need no such Keys because only one recognized Safekey locks and opens all the access as it's encrypted with those other keys. And being a hardware, it's only the user that have access to the wallet thus, making the whole experience easy, simple and secured.

Kevin is an app builder. He needs to create an App that can accommodate any blockchains token as a form of payment. He has been searching but finally, the eagle has landed and that's Bloxia. Without wasting time, he has signed nodes with them and will send word to his colleagues.

B/SMART: This feature equips users with the best data and statistics including current exchange rates, experts & A.I predictions (BLIX trade/trends).
It has a bot which runs the processes just like a broker, but on various authorized levels.
Listing of valuable and law compliant ICOs, can also be found in this section which makes every user a great stakeholder and profitable decision-maker.

B/SIGNED: The SSO identity protocol.
The cumbersomeness and time-lag issues associated with some KYC procedures often scare people away.
To solve this, Bloxia uses IPFS to store user's data on the Blockchain so that they can easily access, update or share it to whomever they chose to. But the best of this feature is that each user gets BloxiaID which they can use anywhere or whenever a KYC is required. What a relief from a stressful and repetitive requirement!.
This package ensures customers compliance to law and a users privacy.
As a decentralised innovation, it can be used anywhere in the world.

B/LOYAL: Minning by loyalty.
Here, Bloxia will partner with popular retailers to create a reward system for their customers. This fosters support and sustainability to the business and e-commerce sector.
Inorder words, this is an easy means to acquire BLOX. When users shop online, BLOX gets credited to their B/SAFE wallet as a reward. In this manner, many users will be glad to join based on the value-added reward and incentive of their purchases. Hence everyone becomes a miner (by loyalty). E.g When I know that buying my weekend jars of milk from Ellen's (customized) will result in an alert to my wallet 12hrs later, why will I buy else where and why wouldn't I spread the word? By reaching out to people through their daily activities, and offering them rewards for their loyalty, you will eventually win them over and into crypto-community.

All these and many more inbuilt features found in Bloxias App, helps to create an
opportunity for everyone to adopt cryptocurrencies.
It creates easy, informative, safe and multi-purpose entrance of the crowd to cryptosphere.

Bloxia's Team & Partners
Bloxia platform is graced with superior Veterans who has more than 70yrs of experience in different industry expertises.
Bloxia already have many reputable companies and Enterprises with many more on the way.

In conclusion, Bloxia is a self-sufficient/equipped platform which will give you all you need for an easy and successful crypto experience. It's very cost effective because there's no percentage charge for currency exchange, conversions and trading. I believe you won't ask for anything else besides this.
For roadmap and other details please check website


Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.


Project solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.

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About the author: Pradeep

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***Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk***


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