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Avenger token bounty and airdrop live

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an ICO-project  Avenger bounty airdrop
I will tell about everything in detail in this article.

Airdrop 6.500 token Avenger, Estimated value 0.35ETH and AvengerBlockchain Bounty Announcement: (from 10/20 to 11/20 )

Airdrop 6.500 token Avenger, Estimated value 0.35ETH and
AvengerBlockchain Bounty Announcement: (from 10/20 to 11/20 )

Brief introduction -->

What is avenger blockchain ?

Avenger blockchain is decentralize 4.0 blockchain which is high
performance . Avenger blockchain has 4 elements make it unique :
-Very fast ( 250.000 transactions per second)
-Secure .
-Anti Spam system.
-Super low Fees or 0 fee .
And you can use Avenger tokens as cryptocurrency in Avenger blockchain
We already raised $5.000.000 form angle investors . Therefore , we don’t
have any plans to make ICO in the future. All the rest of the tokens will be
shared to our community.

Information taken from the official source for more information on the link AVENGER-BLOCKCHAIN-WHITEPAPER-1.pdf


Airdrop Company -->

Website :

Link to the form AIRDROP -

Telegram :

telegram group and channel:(1500 tokens)

Add friends to our telegram group please give their telegram username(300 tokens= one friend, maximum 10 friends)

Please follow our Twitter: (1000 tokens)

Change your Telegram name ( Not Username) to: "@avengerblockchain AIRDROP(0.35ETH)" (2000 tokens):

Referral username Telegram (you will get 1000 tokens and your referral will get 2000 tokens).How to make the form with your referral name filled in automaticlly ? Change the @avenger in the link below to your telegram username and send it to your friends:

Retweet our twitter pin message and tag 3 friends , please give your retweet link(1000 tokens):

Do you want to hold avenger token in your ethereum wallet for 50% bonus untill the mainnet launched ? Ex: You have 5000 tokens in your wallet . You will get 50% bonus : 5000 + 2500 =7500 when the mainnet launched . You can buy more on the exchange if you want .

Subscribe our reddit, up vote and share our pin post : ( 1000 tokens) .

Share this Topic to your facebook : " 0.35 ETH AIRDROP : " . PLease give your share link :

Your Ethereum wallet address:

Company Bounty -->

AvengerBlockchain Bounty Announcement: (from 10/20 to 11/20 )
Avenger blokchain is decentralize 4.0 blockchain which can make 250.000 TPS. Avenger blockchain is Created for the purpose of serving the people of the world and giving people access to blockchain technology.We already raised $5.000.000 from angle investors , therefore the team decided we would not have any further funding calls. All of the remaining tokens will be used for the purpose of community building.

Our 1st project will be Avenger Exchange which will be the fastest decentralize exchange in the world . Our exchange will build on AvengerBlockchain’s ecosystem.

By holding avenger tokens in your wallet you can get 50% Bonus when Avenger blockchain mainnet launched (Q1 2019).

1.All content must be relevant to Avenger blockchain and must be original.
2.You must include these links under each videos/articles:
Telegram :
And Reminde : By holding avenger tokens in your wallet you can get 50% Bonus when Avenger blockchain mainnet launched (Q4 2018 or Q1 2019)
3.Videos must be at least 2 minutes long. Articles must be at least 300 words.
4.Blogging platforms like Medium, Reddit,Steemit, etc. are recommended.
5.Every participant can make total 4 videos and 4 articles in 4 weeks . Maximum 2 videos and 2 articles are accepted in 1 week.
6.Author must be put your telegram username under your videos or Articles.
You will get tokens based on the quality of your videos/articles:
Good — 40.000 tokens.
Normal — 20.000 tokens.
Low- 10.000 tokens.

Week 1 : 10/20 to 26/10

Week 2 : 10/26 to 11/1

Week 3 : 11/2 to 11/8

Week 4 : 11/9 to 11/15.
Please fill in the form :

Spread sheet :

2/ Telegram Bounties :
a/We are looking for Avenger Ambassadors who can create Telegram group in your native languages .
Requirements :

Recruitment newbies and help your colleagues to understand Avenger Blockchain project .Good Blockchain knowledge .Be active on telegram groups .Create Telegram group in your native languages .
Rewards :1 member =200 tokens / month.
Ex : Your group has 500 members : 500 x 200 = 100.000 tokens/ month .
Rules :Minium 50 members in your group.ALL members in your telegram groups must be real . Telegram Bot or fake members are not accepted . We will check your group very carefully .Your telegram groups must be active .Please contact @avengercommunity on telegram if you have any questions .Please fill in this form to apply :

Spread Sheet :

b/ Telegram group sharing :
If you are owner of telegram groups or channel , please join this bounties . To Share our project to the world :

Rules :

1/Your telegram groups or channel must be have more than 200 members .

2/ You must be the owner or admin in that group.

3/ Only one post a day is accepted . Minium 3 times/ week.

4/ Must be make quality post , dont be spam.

5/ If you have any questions please contact @avengercommunity on telegram.

Rewards :

200 to 1000 members : 5000 tokens/week.

1000 to 3000 members : 8000 tokens/week.

3000 to 6000 members : 16000 tokens/week.

6000 to 10000 members : 20000 tokens/week.

More than 10000 members : 25000 tokens/week.

Please fill in this form :

Spread sheet :

Information taken from the official source for more information on the link -->



Telegram :


Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.


Project solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.

About the author: Pradeep

Pradeep is the top author and co-founder of ATGNEWS.COM His background counts over  4+ years of experience in the blockchain industry. Pradeep has passion for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tech revolution, and is standing for honesty across media.
Bitcointalk username: p_managave

Pls. fallow me on
Telegram channel :.  HTTPS://
Medium :-.
Visit us on for latest cryptocurrency news, airdrop, bounty program
My ether wallet address

***Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk***


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