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MyOS – My Operating System Community Cryptocurrency Trading Ico information

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an ICO-project  MyOS – My Operating System

Community Cryptocurrency Trading 

I will tell about everything in detail in this article.


The first free community platform to buy and sell crypto.

My Operating System (MyOS) is a community-led exchange that connects buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency on a user-friendly and feature rich-platform app. It has been designed to facilitate trading of a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens in a cost-effective manner.

The platform will eliminate the need to operate several unsecured web accounts, instead giving users all the tools they need in one secure portal, allowing them to buy, sell and use their crypto in a few clicks. This simple approach will be ideal for newcomers to the crypto world.

My Operating System (MyOS)

We are building a trust-based social platform, which aspires to address all the major shortcomings within crypto-trading and deliver a simpler, more intuitive solution for investors and traders, regardless of their experience level.

With 100% fund security as a priority, MyOS features a series of 2 factor authentication protocols and enhancements to protect, we believe that all MYOS holders will have an enjoyable trading experience while benefiting greatly from the power of a thriving community.


Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the MyOS marketplace.

The mobile UI is optimised for maximum readability so that users can find what they’re looking for efficiently. The side bar helps to create more screen space so users have a clean view on more important functionality.

The side toolbar gives quick access to all the features within the app in one clean swipe.

Commission Free TradingInstant PaymentsSocial Exchange PlatformTimestamp InvoicingCommunity Trading / Crypto PoolsFantasy Portfolio Manager GameTRY APP NOW 


Distributed Trading Fees

A defining feature of the MyOS exchange is the way in which fees are shared with the platform’s tokenholders, effectively giving back to the community that has contributed to its creation. All fees will be distributed for the first three years of operation, followed by a 50-50 split between MyOS and its tokenholders in years three and four. MyOS will operate an Ethereum-based cryptographic wallet and token.


The MyOS Token sale will be executed in six stages. The first stage is an exclusive private sale round for a selected group of participants who can sign up via the MyOS website. Only whitelisted participants will gain access.


September 30th, 2018 (09:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

4,250,000,000 MYOS (42%)


28th Febuary, 2019 (23:59AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

144,000 MYOS = 1 ETH

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount


of tokens

of proceeds


Q4 2017

Start of MyOS

Q1 2018


Q1 2018

Private Sale

Q2 2018


Q3 2018

Launch of Alpha Prototype

Q3 2018

MyOS 1.0 Beta Release

Q3 2018

Public Sale

Q4 2018

MyOS 1.0 Full release

Q4 2018

MyOS 2.0 Beta Release

Q4 2018

MyOS 2.0 Full Release

Q1 2019

MyOS 3.0 Full Release

Non Profit

All cryptocurrency’s require electricity for both mining and general maintenance. For this reason here at MyOS we have decided to dedicate a percentage of our time and resources to projects planting trees, combating pollution in our oceans and recycling. As we grow we intend on showcasing some of partnerships we forge with NPO’s passionate about the planet’s wellbeing.


MyOS’ core team, comprising five full-time members and three advisors, is diverse in aptitude and ability. All have proven track records in the fields of alternative investments, software engineering, currency trading and emerging technologies such as blockchain.

Daniel Hooker

Lead Technical Advisor

Adam Marnoch

CSR Advisor

Paul Sullivan

Lead Marketing Advisor

Katherine Stanier

Community Manager

Alex Gill

Marketing Advisor

Jaydon Sullivan

Social Media Coordinator


MyOS First Airdrop attracts over 24,000 Entries

My Operating System or MyOS first Airdrop and Bounty campaign concluded July 27th with over...


Below we’ve provided a bit of MyOS ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few other related F.A.Q.S. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.


What is MyOS?

My Operating System (MyOS) is a community-based cryptocurrency exchange platform with a strong focus on user-friendliness and building a sustainable crypto marketplace. Designed to resolve major pain points that are affecting mass adoption, it will be an end-to-end trading platform that is characterised by zero fees for its first three years and powered by a native token that performs a range of useful functions.


Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.


Project solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.

About the author: Pradeep

Pradeep is the top author and co-founder of ATGNEWS.COM His background counts over  4+ years of experience in the blockchain industry. Pradeep has passion for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tech revolution, and is standing for honesty across media.
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***Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk***


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