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Buzzex - Exchange The Future

Buzzex - Exchange The Future

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an ICO-project BUZZEX project and I will tell about everything in detail in this article.  find out the benefits and advantages of the BUZZEX Project, here is an explanation:

Buzzex has been built from the ground up for over a year and is ready to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Our team exists out of numerous blockchain experts that have experience in the cryptocurrency world for many years. Our passion and experience will bring Buzzex to the next level, and with the help of global ambassadors we will introduce cryptocurrencies to all parts of the world, all to help grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are obliged to offer a highly secure and fast-performing trading platform that rewards traders, and look forward to welcome millions of traders worldwide to enjoy the ultimate trading experience.

Buzzex aims to become the “number one” place for crypto investors to trade cryptocurrencies and manage their crypto portfolio. To achieve this, we have integrated a lot of features for new and experienced traders. That's why our priority is to benefit the traders, because we believe that they are an important factor in the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We also aim to keep on enhancing our trading platform to keep up the pace with the fastchanging crypto environment.

Below is an overview of the key features of the Buzzex Platform:

Enhanced Security System

The most important feature we can provide for our customers is the security of their digital assets. That’s why we never store members’ holdings in so-called “hot wallets,” but keep them safe in cold storages. To keep members’ accounts safe, we have integrated 2-FA verification to perform functions such as login, account details change, trading and withdrawals

High Performing Trading Engine

Stress tested thoroughly, the trading engine of the Buzzex Platform is able to handle millions of trades per second. This allows trades to go through in milliseconds and prevents traders from losing out on trades due to laggy infrastructure.

Daily Dividends

In order to acknowledge users of our platform, we will distribute the majority of our revenue (80%) in the form of daily dividends. Buzzex exchange houses Buzzex Coins (BZX), which have several uses. More about BZX will follow in the upcoming sections.

People that hold at least 20,000 BZX will earn daily dividends from the trading fees earned by Buzzex. Dividends are paid in all base currencies of the Buzzex exchange and through other dividend earning tokens. People holding more than 20,000 BZX will earn more dividends, based on the amount of coins they hold.

Up To 100% Discount On Trading Fees

Buzzex Coins do not only pay out dividends, but also allow traders to get from 5-100% discount in trading fees just by holding the coins in their exchange wallet. In order to get the discount, traders need to hold from 1,000 to 20,000 BZX in their wallet. With this setup, Buzzex aims to cut the cost of trading for traders tremendously, compared to the cost on other exchanges, where they lose up to 0.3% on every trade.

At Buzzex traders not only trade at upto 100% discount (that means no fee) BUT also earn in the revenue of the exchange.

Buzzex provides from 5% upto 100% discount on Trading Fee to Buzzex Coin (BZX) holders.Buzzex shares 40% of Total Revenue with Buzzex Coin (BZX) holdersBuzzex Coin (BZX) is a POS coin and investors can stake and earn rewardsBuzzex supports Masternode Network where investors support the network and earn greater rewardsBuzzex provides enhanced Security Features and a Powerful, Features enriched Trading PlatformBuzzex is built by a team consisting of Crypto enthusiasts having already built a Publisher inclined Social Network, ADZbuzz, currently running in Beta

Exchange Preview

(Image not shown due to low ratings)

Buzzex Coin (BZX) Specs

Here are the Buzzex Coin specifications:

Initial Supply: 750,000,000Block Size: 2 MBBlock Time: 60 SecondsTransactions: 154 Tx/SecMining: Proof of Stake (POS)Block Reward: 50 BZX Per BlockRewards: 60% Masternodes – 20% POS – 20% Governance ProtocolMasternode Collateral: 10,000 BZX


The pre-launch campaign of the Buzzex Trading platform will allow all members to earn Buzzex coins through various bounty campaigns and referring others to the platform, as well as buying coins at a heavily discounted price.

Just before the Buzzex Exchange platform launches, the Buzzex Coin blockchain will go live and BZX holders will be able to stake coins or set up masternodes to earn daily rewards from the blockchain.

During the first quarter of 2019 the Buzzex Trading platform launches and will start rewarding Buzzex Coin holders (minimum 20K) with daily bonus crypto for holding BZX as well as rewarding them with weekly airdrops of more dividends earning coins.

The Buzzex API will allow traders to automate their trades and create bots to increase their trading profits. The API will be very powerful and execute trades in a matter of milliseconds, avoiding any delays to execute orders.

In the first months of the Buzzex Trading platform launch, traders will be able to earn Buzzex Coins for trading (500 million BZX maximum). For every $65 they trade, 1 BZX will be instantly credited to their account (value = $0.13).

We expect the trans-fee mining period to last 3-6 months (6 months maximum) and the moment this happens the BZX trading pairs on the Buzzex Exchange will open up, allowing traders to buy BZX to get a higher discount on trading fees or earn more daily crypto.

BuzzexPay will connect to the Buzzex Exchange and will allow online merchants to set up a payment gateway to instantly receive 100+ cryptocurrencies as form of payment with ultra-low fees (0.1%). Buzzex Traders will be able to buy products with the click of a button.


Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.


Project solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.

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***Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk***


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