FON ICO (Fonder Open Network)

FON ICO (Fonder Open Network)

mainstream cryptocurrency that evens your grandma Can Use, and a guarantee DIAMOND REDEEMABLE at same value token. FON ICO rating – not rated.

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About FON ICO (token sale)

Fonder Open Network (FON) is a secure, fast, flexible and efficient blockchain platform, as well as an ecosystem where many organisations are linked up by FON cryptocurrency and business synergies.

Besides many decentralised and independent organisations in FON, for efficiency considerations, Fonder will build or nurture a few centralised platforms yet characteristic with “decentralisation of ownership”


Fonder Diamond

Fonder Diamond will be fully developed with a global presence to help customers who still face difficulties in buying a truly beautiful diamond for their once-in-lifetime purchase. We will scale up Fonder Diamond’s business by building up showrooms in at least 1,000 cities around the world.

Our objective is to build a world-class jewellery business under the brand “Fonder Diamond” and inspire couples with the message “Live a Fonder Life” for generations to come.

Fonder is all about wallet, a simple, user friendly wallet with many popular features and apps. People can use Fonder wallet to receive, send, and manage cryptocurrency. Fonder wallet will be a general interface to all crypto finance needs, and even eventually fiat needs.

Fonder Fans Club

We will form a fans club consisted by people who embrace FON motto: “Live a Fonder Life”. We will invite influencers who are passionate about it and to use video to join us to ignite this movement to inspire more people to live a Fonder life.

Brief History of Fonder Diamond

Fonder Diamond was registered in Singapore at the beginning of 2016, engaging itself in the business of diamonds, custom-made engagement rings and wedding rings, as well as other diamond jewellery. Tracing back as early as 2014, Founder George Chen, together with Adam Pyrah has already begun the preparation of the business.

Prior to Fonder Diamond, George has been involved in the trading of diamonds, especially for huge value investment-grade diamonds for many years. He noticed a change in buyer’s purchasing behaviour, where most consumers would conduct their online research before visiting a jewellery shop to make their purchase – a trend that would soon affect the age-old diamond industry.

To ride this wave, George personally invested more than $2 million into Fonder Diamond whereby customers are able to access extensive information about the diamonds online before coming to our showroom and buying these diamonds at a much competitive rate.

Fonder Diamond has been proven a profitable and viable business model since its first month of operation. As of March 2018, the current average annual turnover in one showroom in Singapore is around $2.5-$3 million and is projected at $4-5 million for the next year.

Fonder Token (FON)

The symbol of FONDER Token is FON. During the token sale, the FON Token is implemented as ERC20 compatible token over the public Ethereum blockchain. It will be converted 1:1 to native FON token after the deployment of FON native blockchain around Oct 2019.

Tokens Issuance

To finance FON (Fonder Open Network) roadmap and activities, Fonder is tentatively planning to launch a token crowd sale in Q4 2018.
In order to keep the total amount of FON issued closely in line with the market demand the total supply of Fonder token will be determined by how many token sold in pre-ICO. The number of token issued during pre-ICO makes up 5% of the total supply. The hard cap for the ICO will equal 3.2 times the number of token sold in pre-ICO equalling 16% of total token supply.

If market demand is shown to be very strong we may end the pre-sale early and potentially cancel the public ICO.

In case not all 16% of ICO tokens will be sold, the remainder will be distributed pro-rata to pre-ICO and ICO token holders i.e. it will mean that 21% of all token supply will shared among participants of pre- ICO and ICO

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