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Petchains - The World’s 1st Pets Short Video Platform

Petchains - The World’s 1st Pets Short Video Platform

It's hard to say what our world would look like now without taming us to Pets thousands of years ago. Agree this picture is difficult to imagine, because we even in a mental format can not allow this. Indeed, Pets have become an integral part of our lives. Someone loves dogs, some cats, some small furry animals, and someone does choose himself as a pet is extremely exotic animal. All this is not important, only one thing is important, love for your pet and care that we can give it.


But despite all this, the pet area is experiencing a number of difficulties and problems that need to be addressed. The first problem is related to the demography of domestic animals. It's hard to believe, but according to the research conducted at the moment there are about one billion Pets. Most of them are concentrated in Europe and the United States, followed by Latin America and Japan. Why are only these countries on the list?! The answer is quite simple. Just not all countries maintain any account for a pet, that is, they do not follow their numbers. And if there are no statistics, then no control can be discussed. Which in turn also leads to different kinds of problems.

In countries where control is normal, there is another problem, which is associated with the active growth of the industry of goods and services dedicated to Pets. This growth is both positive and negative:

first, very high prices for goods and services are formed;secondly, there is an acute shortage of specialists in the field of pet health;third, there are no sites that are ready to combine all the infrastructure and give the user an easy-to-use tool, where he can not only consult with the right specialist and find out the condition of his pet, but also to purchase all the necessary goods for the life of his pet.

Having considered all these problems in a complex and separately a group of qualified specialists came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a new environment. Which will solve all the existing problems and help to bring the pet area to a new level.

About the project

The project that seeks to solve the above problems is called - Petchains.

This platform is developed on the basis of blockchain and seeks within its ecosystem to combine with each other all modern and relevant technologies that can qualitatively improve the lives of Pets. That is, Petchains will act as a system where pet owners, scientists, experts, doctors, volunteers and other service providers who contribute to the improvement of animal life will be able to contact.

Why is the blockchain?

We all know and understand in detail the principle of the blockchain network. With it, we are able to transmit any kind of information quickly, transparently, and most importantly safely. That is why the blockchain was the beginning of the development of the global platform Petchains. After all, its main goal is not only to unite all participants in this sector, but also to collect data on each pet.

This feature will allow you to create a huge information library of data on Pets, which will indicate such specifics as:

clinical history;diseases and allergies;date of birth;floor;breed;pedigree;dog training;progress;education;and even reward.

This detailed information will allow not only to have all the necessary data at hand for each owner of your pet in any situation, but also to get up to date with the new owner, if he had just bought a pet.

Design feature

In fact, the platform Petchains is multi-functional and multi-faceted in every sense of the word. On its open spaces you can find everything you need, from the specialist you need, to the store of goods and various virtual games with your favorite Pets.

And for complete convenience, a team of specialists has developed a mobile and web version of the Petchains platform, so that users can easily communicate with each other and communicate on topics of concern to them. After all, until that time there was not a single similar resource where you could communicate on current topics, get professional advice from a specialist, at the same time buy the right and proven product, as well as start and save in electronic form all the data about your pet.

The details of the ICO

For the high-quality work of Petchains, like any decentralized project, we are introduced to its token with the help of which it will be possible to perform any kind of transactions on payment for goods and services within the framework of this platform. Token name – PTCS. A total of 1.8 billion tokens will be issued. This number was chosen for a reason, as it symbolizes the total number of Pets on the planet Earth. And each coin is designed to give love to each of them. The face value of one PTCS coin will be 0.00018 ETH or ($0.036).

The distribution of tokens will be as follows:


I believe that this kind of project is essential for our world. And I am sincerely glad that there are such people who see problems and seek to solve them, using at the same time all the experience and professionalism. I hope that this control system will improve the quality of life of Pets and their owners.

But before you take part in the project more actively, I recommend that you do not forget about the precautions that are associated with the risk of investing. Therefore, I recommend you to read the details of the project in more detail. To do this, as always, I have prepared for you a series of official resources of the project, where you can find all the information you need.

Official resources of the Petchains project:



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