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What is the Etherflyer Exchange and airdrop system?

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog! In this review I present to you an Etherflyer exchange and airdrop system 

I will tell about everything in detail in this article.

About Etherflyer exchange:- 

EtherFlyer is a decentralized crypto Exchange, which dedicates to build a secured, solid and high efficiency platform for the users all over the world. Users who hold the platform token TCASH can share 50% of the platform’s profit and gradient discounts for transaction fees of their own!

World’s First One-stop Airdrop System Embedded in Exchange -- EtherFlyer Airdrop System Launched!

On Dec. 27th 00:00 UTC+8, EtherFlyer Airdrop System launched. Its a milestone for combination of airdrop and exchange. Lets come close to see what is the unique EtherFlyer Airdrop System.

1. What is EtherFlyer airdrop?

EtherFlyer airdrop is a free access for users to get tokens. Uniting airdrop channels and projects worldwide, EtherFlyer creates a new one-stop airdrop mode with fast, efficient and credible guarantee for global customers.

Through taking part in the airdrop activities held by token issuers, free tokens can be obtained by each eligible participant after activities end. All airdrop tokens will be distributed into the EtherFlyer Exchange account registered by the user, which can be traded on the EtherFlyer Exchange directly at any time for instant profit.

2. The advantage of EtherFlyer airdrop


1) Airdrop tokens will be automatically airdropped to the EtherFlyer Exchange accounts, any additional GAS fees such like transferring and deposit will be omitted for instant profit.

2) Getting technical support from EtherFlyer Exchange, EtherFlyer auto-airdrop system realized the automation of the whole process of airdrop, making it open and transparent, without human intervention.

3) To build the world's largest and most comprehensive cryptocurrency airdrop platform, EtherFlyer are working in conjunction with top global airdrop platforms and high-quality projects.

4) Breaking the barrier of traditional mode, any airdrop platform or project party can publish airdrop activities in self-help form, taking out multiple intermediaries, making airdrop simple, convenient and efficient.

5) According to the status of the airdrop projects, the size of communities and the token holders distribution on Ethereum network, the airdrop project would be rated as star-rated, which will facilitate users to distinguish and participate.

6) All airdrop tokens are traded on EtherFlyer Exchange, which is responsible for verifying the qualifications of airdrop projects and guaranteeing the interests of users.

3. How to Participate in EtherFlyer Airdrop?

1) Register an exchange account.

2) Go through the timetable of ongoing and upcoming airdrop projects.

3) Follow activities that you want to participate in and have participated in to facilitate tracking or viewing progress.

4) Participate in the activities according to the rules of the airdrop project and meet the standards.

Within 7 days after the completion of the activity, airdrop tokens will be distributed to all eligible users’trading accounts.The history of airdrop tokens obtained can be viewed.In order to prevent malicious billing, EtherFlyer Exchange hasthe final right to interpret the

Projects Guide

1. Publishing Standards for EtherFlyer Airdrop Projects

1) The token is already listed on EtherFlyer and the trading pair can be traded normally. 

2) Targeted airdrop to TCASH(EtherFlyer platform token) holders is mandatory. The minimum 20% proportion of total airdrop tokens would airdrop to TCASH holders, the proportion can be selected between 20%-100%.

The status of the project, the size of community members and the token holders distribution on Ethereum networkwill be taken as the auditing criteria, and the final evaluation will decide whether the airdrop project can be released.

2. Release process of EtherFlyer airdrop activity

1) Fill in the information of the airdrop activity according to the airdrop activity release process.

2) Transfer the activity tokens into the EtherFlyer Exchange wallet according to the total number of activity tokens as a guarantee for distribution. (Token transferring quantity = activity token amount + 5% guarantee)

3) After activity tokens successfully transfer to designated EtherFlyer account, it will enter the audit process, the result will come out within 5 working days.

4) During the audit period, if there is any problem or issue, the activity can be closed and the new activity can be re-issued with revised information.

5) After approval, the activity can be seen on the EtherFlyer airdrop platform.

6) After the end of the activity, the winner list of the activity will be automatically announced by EtherFlyer airdrop platform. After confirmation, activity issuer can click distribution button to distribute the activity tokens. Any question please contact the service personnel of EtherFlyer as soon as possible.

7) If the project publisher does not click to distribute, the activity tokens will be automatically distributed by EtherFlyer airdrop platform on the 7th day after the end of the activity.

3. Publishing Airdrop Advantage on EtherFlyer

Uniting airdrop channels and projects worldwide, based on the strong community and technology of the EtherFlyer Exchange, EtherFlyer airdrop platform creates a new one-stop airdrop mode with credibility guarantee, which is fast, efficient and instant trading for global customers.

Activity tokens will be distributed to the EtherFlyer Exchange account without additional GAS fees.

4. Notices for Activity Release

1) Stars of activity shall be assessed by the EtherFlyer Exchange according to the project’s data.

2) The activity can not be withdrawn after successful release. Any question please contact the service personnel of EtherFlyer in time.

3) If the activity audit fails or needs to be revised before the successfully release, the activity can be closed and re-filled and submit for audit.

4) The additional 5% of the total amount of activity tokens is used as the guarantee for the airdrop accidental issue.

5) Multiple activities can be released at the same time for each token.

6) Please confirm the airdrop distribution list in time after the completion of activities, otherwise it will be automatically distributed to users on the 7th day.

7) Once the activity tokens distributed to the user account, it cannot be withdrawn.

8) If the activity application is rejected , activity tokens will returned on the original route.

9) In order to prevent malicious billing, EtherFlyer Exchange has the final right to interpret the activity.

Contact Details

Telegram: @etherflyerBunny


Useful links :-

Trading website:

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