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Menapay is a task that has been getting a great deal of consideration on the web generally, with the venture being in its private deal ico stage, the undertaking has created an incredible promotion. Before going into ico subtleties, I would love to wander into utilization cases and assets the menapay venture brings to both the on the web and disconnected commercial center.

The name MENA represents Center East and North Africa, which represents where the venture is truly based. This locale comprises of 18 nations which has over 400 million individuals, and a large portion of this individuals talk the Arabic language and have a populace where the vast majority practice the islam religion . Furthermore, because of the issues menapay plan to control out with blockchain innovation around there, the task got its name .

What is Menapay :- This is the first blockchain installment framework from the center east. The menapay venture is a non saving money installment framework and intends to achieve a cashless development . The menapay venture has it objectives set first on the center east districts , and after that in future will spread crosswise over as much nations as the space grants.

Menapay will achieve a decentralized installment framework, where cash can be exchanged from individual to individual in fast and secure water. The area where menapay centers around is Islamic commonly and accordingly menapay must be in agreement with Islamic tenets, and menapay is without a doubt consistent..

The menapay venture has two unique methods for exchange expected to meet both onchain and offchain requests, these monetary forms are the menapay token and the menacash cash. This two methods for installments are comparative yet have diverse capacities

The menapay token :- This is a crypto token worked under the ethereum blockchain. The menapay is the utility token of the menapay stage which can be exchanged on trades after the yet to be complete ico is finished.

MENAPAY Subtleties

TYPE :- Erc20 based token

All out supply :- 400Million menapay tokens

Ico cost :- 0.165$

Ico organize :- As of now in private deal stages

Accessible available to be purchased :- 256 Million

Menacash coin not at all like the menapay token ios a steady digital currency , that would be utilized for exchanges by clients on the menapay stage, shippers on menapay, and the menapay establishment itself. The menacash coin will dependably be steady and dependably be esteemed about 1$ per menacash coin. The menacash coin has its very own blockchain which will be made by the menapay venture, the menacash coin will work individually blockchain known as menachain . Menacash will help increment the rate at which dealers utilize the menapay stage, as there is no dread of unpredictability, and traders will most likely effectively convert from fiat to menacash, without fears of their money falling .

The menacash coin subtleties incorporates

Cost :- constantly esteemed at 1$

All out supply :- will dependably be equivalent to the sum in dollars the establishment has in their financial balance. The menapay establishment is comprised of investors and pioneers known as board individuals . The establishment will dependably be obliged to roll out specific improvements in the menapay biological system, for example, exchange charges and expenses.


1 Issues with Web based shopping :- shopping in Mena most occasions is finished with money at conveyance, and this brings such a great amount of charges for buys. Menapay will offer the arrangement with online stores that acknowledge menacash as installment techniques

2 Abundance money within reach :- It is truly awkward when you need to dependably execute with money, the would is going advanced thus ought to Mena. With menacash merchandise and ventures can be obtained at whenever and anyplace .

3 Fake cash :- This has been an extraordinary issue in many nations of the world as individuals deliver counterfeit cash to buy merchandise and ventures. This can be totally destroyed with the Menapay arrangement.

There are such a large number of more arrangements the Menapay venture conveys to the bleeding edge in Mena with blockchain innovation . Do remain tuned for more reports on the menapay venture, do recall the primary deal ico is coming up by mid February , don't miss out on this major opportunity with Menapay.


Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.

There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.

All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.

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Project solves the costly and costly problem. The platform is a prime example of the meaningful use of smart contracts and is therefore absolutely groundbreaking for the future. With their experienced team and a very good vision, this is a serious project with great prospects of success.

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