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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Six online businesses women can start from home

Setting up an online business is a lot easier and cost-effective than it used to be. Here are some ideas that can help women, especially homemakers, to set up profitable businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Women who have little or no entrepreneurial experience can now start a business from the confines of their homes.  Using social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, or ecommerce platforms, one can easily set up a  business at minimum cost. 


You can earn money by reselling clothes on social media platforms or ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or Shopify. If you buy clothes from local markets or wholesalers, you can sell these online at higher rates and earn a profit. You can create  a lucrative business by selling distinctive clothes not found in malls or stores. You can create a niche for yourself by selling antique clothes, ikat prints, embroidered sarees, or indo-western dresses that are on trend. 

Handmade jewellery 

Handcrafted jewellery is popular because of the uniqueness of the designs. If you are creative enough to fashion pieces of jewellery using quilling or other methods, you can use WhatsApp groups or create an Instagram account to showcase handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. With an investment of Rs 10,000-20,000 you can purchase raw materials like beads, wires, threads, stones and others. But you have to make sure the designs and the quality of finish is top notch.

Paper and cloth bags 

With the ban on plastic and polythene bags, and single use plastic on its way out for good, the demand for paper bags and cloth bags has seen an increase. You can make bags using store bought handmade paper or use fabrics like jute or cotton to make fancy ones. The investment is very low as all you need to buy are raw materials like fabric, paper, ink, threads, lace, etc. 

Tiffin service

Ordering in food has become the norm with numerous food-ordering apps providing quick and easy meal fixes. Setting up a tiffin service can be a profitable business, especially in communities that have a large working population. You can easily start a tiffin service with kitchen appliances that are already available in the house. Other things you would need in addition are groceries and packaging containers. Using WhatsApp, you can create a group and send the daily menu on the group and get your orders. The cost of setting up can be as little as Rs 5,000. 

Baked goods 

If you are adept at baking and enjoy making cookies,  biscuits, brownies, breads, or cakes at home, then this passion can become your calling. All you require: an oven and baking ingredients.  A low-end oven can cost upwards of Rs 4,000 and along with ingredients, the total investment can range between Rs 5,000 and 15,000. It would also make sense to focus on one or two things you are good at.

Pickles and jams

Homemade pickles and jams have always been a favourite in every household. With more and more juggling work and other activities, people find it difficult to make these preparations at home and therefore rely on others for supplying them with homemade chemical and preservative-free jams and pickles. Making them may be a tedious process, but if you have large orders, they turn out to be very lucrative. Investment is required to purchase ingredients in bulk and also for packaging. Artisanal jams are highly sought after and can be sold to small bakeries and cafes also. 


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