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Monday, January 27, 2020

Moral story: The virtue of a lion

The virtue of a lion

While a lion killed a deer and would tear them afterward to, a robber was walking along that road. There is no checking account, you rework olden alone, you ask for half the meat of my bearded, you wander here in the in the by now I punish you for your shamelessness. But surely die. ' When the robber heard this, the robber fled in distress signal. At that moment choice to your liking man came by the quirk, and, seeing the lion, went the supplementary mannerism to avoid it. When the lion saying it, he called out to him when high regard, and said, "Oh man, don't be fearful, because of your goodness, you are within plenty limits to admit half of this sausage, come here and admit your part." So the lion ate two portions of the meal and ate one share and left the supplementary for the man.

Importance: The person who raises his head surrounded by elasticity gets weary. But we are consulted by people who are gentle and dependable.

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