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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mind Management

* Mind management! *

* Ninety percent of worries are gone if you accept it. *

* Pain breaks out of thought that anxiety escapes! *

* 1) Stop suffocating in the past - *

Not just sitting, your head starts spinning,

- "If I had studied overflow ten years ago, i'd are how bigger officer today."

- "Seven years ago, once I wanted to plot, I left the Gold Coast."

- "I didn't want to be treated like that at the time! Very bad I am! "

- "I was ready to work on a very low salary, I shouldn't have."

 When that happened,

If nothing can be changed by going to a time machine, then now and only thinking about it, our precious energy will be spent in waste.

* In the past, all these good and bad things have been forgotten, well done!

* 2) Everyone here is unique - *

The root of most suffering is in comparison,

* Everything in this world is unique *

The rose is beautiful, but the importance of the rooster does not diminish, its aroma is its identity! Could it be compared to left and right? Each flower is unique.

Now, left to right, why not be sad! Everyone's face is different from each other, so every person in this world is unique, just you!

* 3) Find the answer to 'what is life' - *

Life is a precious gift from nature,

Life is meant to be happy, life is full of excitement, life is about dreaming and living those dreams pleasantly,

* Life is about to put a smile on you and others' faces! *

Every moment of life is worthless, to take away all the guilty feelings, past, future, burdens of imaginary responsibilities, throw away everything, be free and empty, face every moment, in an innocent way, wholeheartedly!

There are three things that afflict a man more than all his troubles;

 A) Expectations

 B) unfulfilled dreams,

 C) Emptiness after goal attainment!

* How come you are pretty white shirt like my shirt white! That is the question. *

How happy he is,

How does she live

The same life is comfortable, why don't I have it, in the hope of being relatively miserable or not!

Look! Imagine how funny it is, when a person is not married, how upset he is, getting up, sitting, eating, sleeping, having the same patience, marriage-to-marriage! Unknowingly, this thought, anxiety bunnun, his soul begins to shatter, causing his grief, then the laughter disappears, the mind does not live on, the agitation escalates. Every day you have to move towards dreaming but do not hurt your mind! This is called happy life!

And suppose, once married, (everyone gets married), then suddenly the thrill of life ends! Once again, the job started, the job started, the job started, and the job started, now within a few years the job starts to get bored, there is a kind of emptiness,

* Why for life? When the answer lies in the sky of the mind, for the absolute joy of life, depression, depression, will almost explode! *

* 4) Serving gives spiritual satisfaction - *

Look! How fun,

- The incense burns itself out in the air, but spreads a pleasant aroma to the atmosphere,

- The wind blows itself out, but it brightens up the house.

We run in the evening to get something, to get something, but where is the true solution?

It can be said that the lives of those who utilize the qualities, the power, the power we have, to make happy, happy people, relatives, friends, even strangers.

* The Law of Attraction is made up of these four formulas! *

Those looking for happiness at the bottom of their mind,

May all life be happy, contented and prosperous,

 With this heartfelt prayer,

* Thanks and good luck! *

* May your life be healed. *

🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

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