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Monday, February 3, 2020

moral story for kids


A deer paddle was grazing within the forest. Suddenly there was a leopard. Padas entered a dense valley network to save lots of lives. Cheetah even went into the net to catch him. The paddocks were small and that they easily escaped from the trap. But the leopard was stuck. At that point, a farmer was passing by. Chitta urged the farmer to evacuate him. But the farmer said, "You wild animal! What does one trust! once you leave, you'll eat me." Chitta assured that he wouldn't do so. The farmer freed him. it had been then that Chitta showed his original nature and began to feed the farmer. The farmer said: Why did I pay you to cooperate? Chitta explained the rationale for hunger. Just then a wolf arrived. Hearing the discussion of the 2, he said to the farmer, "Such an enormous leopard! Show me this, so why would you like to be genuine? ", On taking note of these words. The leopard was taking the wrong decision and went into the net again and he was trapped therein net again. At that moment the wolf said to the farmer, "Oh friend, run away now! Otherwise, it'll deceive you again!

Meaning - it's never good to believe what has always been treacherous. they are doing not hand over their original nature.

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