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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Parable Cow and Tiger

* A parable * Cow And Tiger
Once a cow went bent graze within the forest. At that moment she saw a tiger running towards her. She leaned back and ran away, because at any moment the paws of a tiger would have penetrated her. The cow looked around desperately to flee , and eventually she saw a shallow lake. She jumped into the pond to flee the tiger toss and therefore the tiger jumped on her within the chase. The surprise for both of them was that the lake was very shallow but it was filled with mud. After a quick chat, the cows and tigers find that there is little gap between them. But they are deeply rooted in the mud. They both had their heads on the water, but they could not free themselves even though they were pushing hard. The tiger was often alarmed by the sight of the cow. He burst into rage but soon found himself unable to find a way out. Seeing the tiger pushing himself free, the cow smiled thoughtfully and asked the tiger, "Do you have a master?" * The tiger contemptuously replied, "I am the king of the forest. Why do you ask me why I am the owner? I am the owner of this forest!" * Guy said, "You are going to be the king of the jungle, but all of your power here has did not save your life." *
* "And what about you?" * The tiger replied. * "You're getting to die within the mud right here!" * The cow smiled softly and said, "No, I'm not going to die!" * * "Even though i'm the king of the jungle, i can not get obviate this mud" The cow replied humbly, "I cannot free myself from this mud, but my master can do it. When the sun comes down, he will look for me when I am not home. Once I find him, he will rescue me. Will take me to his house with joy!
"* The tiger mumbled and quietly sat down to watch the cow. As the sun set, the owner of the cow arrived. He immediately recognized things and took the cow out of the mud and led him to a secure house. On the way home, both the cow and therefore the owner were grateful to every other, and that they would are happy if the tiger's kindness had come and saved him.
 * Here the cow represents a surrender heart, the tiger represents an egoistic mind and therefore the master represents the guru. The mud represents the world, and the chase represents the struggle to maintain our existence. *

* Perception: *
 It's great to be independent and not to depend on anyone. But don't stress this too much ... you always need your friends / spouse / trainers / mentors and all of your brothers and sisters alike; People who are always watching over us with passion ... This does not mean that; You're weak! Only with their support can you become even stronger!

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