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Monday, July 6, 2020




Greetings to you my crypto enthusiasts. Today I have something new for you. A project with a good idea. With a unique ecosystem and excellent technical solutions. A project that shows how much today, cryptocurrency is developing. And how it seeks to take its place in the economy. This project is unique in that it combines all the cryptocurrency that exists today. So say in one ecosystem. And also supports the ideas of decentralization. Helps increase the speed of all transactions. Gives us new financial products. Also, reduces costs. I know already interesting. This project is called UNIFINITY

This is the first part of a review of this wonderful project called UNIFINITY . Therefore, here we will consider the main idea of this project. All technical issues presented in the documents of this project will be covered in other articles.

The importance of quality education to the event of our society can't be overemphasized. But how can we achieve this with numerous challenges surrounding the tutorial sector? Education has been seen because the bedrock for a far better society but what's the standard of education we've been experiencing over the years?

What then can we neutralize order to succeed in our goal of getting a well-organized, fulfilling and standard education globally? Does this sound like your question? Then sit back and skim this text as I unfold to you ways UNIFINITY.IO has accompany very simple but sophisticated solutions to the drawbacks in our academic system.

NOW the great NEWS

UNIFINITY.IO team has skilled the issues within the educational sector and have decided to require advantage of the recent innovative technologies just like the blockchain technology, AI , cryptocurrencies et al. to completely transform the tutorial system and make it worthwhile.

There is little question about the very fact that the utilization of blockchain technology with its innovative features have transformed or is transforming several businesses and therefore the economy within the world. And UNIFINIT.IO believes if establishment is integrated into this technology it'll yield an excellent success and eliminate most challenges.

However, school fees and poor school management won't be the sole reason some students stay out of faculties , but in most cases they're the main challenges. And with UNIFINITY the utilization of blockchain technology will definitely improve this educational sector and therefore the way learning is managed in schools.
This is a Decentralized application designed by UNIFINTY to enable users of the App to access and manage all the info that has got to do with educational processes. These include parents, teachers, students and therefore the school management as an entire . The UNIFINITY Dapp (Decentralized application) is user friendly and designed to attach all blockchain innovations processes thereby allowing universities to manage blockchain features and Application in completing all the activities in their schools and each activity are going to be automated using the blockchain. this may add value to the tutorial system in some ways .


Eliminating delay in payment of tuition and other fees in class
-Allowing a true time tracking on the activities of scholars in schools by both their parents and therefore the school authority. And monitoring the attendance of scholars in classes and other activities.

-Safe time and take away the strain of getting to attend for several hours to form payment or get enrolled in class manually.

-Eliminate the matter of faux identity by some dubious students who usually confused the varsity management with names that closely resembled theirs but within the real sense not their names. Every data on the blockchain is safe and can’t be tempered with, therefore chances of presenting fake identity is nearly zero.

-It also will eliminate the issuance of faux certificate to unqualified students who want to shop for certificates by all means. because of UNIFINIT.IO for this innovative idea.

-Also, in most cases, companies who got to employ these students once they leave school find it difficult to verify their real identity and certificates. UNIFINITY is making this possible and really simple by using blockchain technology.

-I want to also allow you to know that this innovation will eliminate the strain of managing manpower and software’s utilized in schools. and can cause a discount within the cost of management hence there won’t be needing of paying money on software maintenance.

-UNIFINIT.IO DApp will allow the utilization of UNY coin a cryptocurrency token from a sensible contract using blockchain.

Everyone using this platform will have the chance of making a UNIFINITY enterprise wallet which can allow such users to possess access to course materials on the blockchian, be ready to create template for college unique card , payroll, school fee schedule, also as be ready to track school finances automatically. the utilization of those wallet features will eliminate fraud and fund mismanagement in our college system.


Apart from those I even have mentioned above, there are other unique benefits of using UNIFINITY DApp. How does it feel having the ability to receive alert on your child’s performance in school and upcoming events in school? Feels good right? this will be achieved by making use of UNIFINITY DApp. With the DApp every process within the school is automated.
Also, in making use of UNIFINITY wallet you'll enjoy a quick and straightforward transactions anytime from anywhere. Meaning you'll stay in your country and successfully pay your children’s school fees with cryptocurrency without a cross border barrier.
I am sure you desire to understand more about this outstanding and innovative project, please click the links below and join the social media to urge prompt updates on the project.

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5tQwYOP6JQQIgZfZ5Ez6bMfz4qJ4OTM/view?usp=drivesdk
Website: https://unifinity.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/unifinity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unifinityph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unifinity_ph
Ann thread:-


This was the first look at this unique product. In the near future, I will try to consider in detail the elements that allow you to work in this network. I like the main idea of the project. If the product unites all networks into one, even though a protocol, this will be a big breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Information about this wonderful project, as usual, I will leave under this article. Thank you, dear friends, for your attention.

About the author: Madhuri
Madhuri is the top author and co-founder of ATGNEWS.COM His background counts over  4+ years of experience in the blockchain industry. Madhuri has passion for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tech revolution, and is standing for honesty across media.
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***Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk***

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