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Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Aurix Exchange (AUR) Platform Review

The Aurix Exchange (AUR) Platform Review.


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Hi companions, I am Madhuri, on this event I might want to give data about an exceptionally uncommon organization, since this organization is a worldwide exchanging business stage that will give inkam automated revenue to us all. What's more, indeed right now to work together or turn into a business person is exceptionally troublesome companions, and probably the greatest test looked by business people is needing a solid stage to execute the business. Because of the relentless instances of misrepresentation, hacking and data fraud, individuals are working with anxiety across different stages. This adversely affects the business. 

Presently, to deal with every one of the issues like the abovementioned, don't stress companions since this unprecedented organization will tackle the above issues companions and the organization is AURIX, 

Furthermore, the Aurix organization will introduce an answer that will give online vendors and entrepreneurs the capacity to exchange with significant serenity and simultaneously appreciate exchanges with speed, other than Aurix accompanies extremely progressed highlights intended to give you security, accommodation, and comfort. What's more, for additional subtleties you can contact the



About the Aurix Exchange

The Aurix trade is a-list trade where crypto aficionados can purchase excellent cryptographic forms of money and advanced chips. Aurix was established by Majed Mohsen (CEO). The stage is intended to guarantee secure, safe, and independent exchanges. 

With our trend setting innovation, you can play out an online deal but keep your character hidden. Your assets are protected a lot from the span of programmers and crypto criminals. 

Aurix permits clients to buy and sell however many computerized monetary forms as they need very quickly. The trade keeps up the most significant level of safety to guarantee that your assets are protected. What's more, is advantageous for clients, empowering them to exchange utilizing both an application and work area - everything is continuous. Brokers who pay in AUR appreciate an extra rebate on the stage.

Aurix Exchange Features:

1. Secure transactions:

Aurix has a fantastic speed of execution that makes all exchanges snappy and proficient. Plus, the information on the stage conform to PCI DSS guidelines, and the stage is protected from DDoS assaults.

2. Quick and easy:

Exchanges are quick, and simultaneously, the site is easy to understand. The exchange charge is exceptionally serious, contrasted with other related stages.

3. Trustworthy:

Aurix is exceptionally trusted across the world as a result of our proceeded with quest for development, and creative highlights equipped for changing the administration of products and ventures internationally.


Our Mission

  • To accomplish this objective, we give individuals simple admittance to their crypto reserves, trade choices, and a lot more advantageous tech arrangements. 

    Along these lines, we are adding to the worldwide progress to the cryptographic forms of money and upgrade the substitution of the customary financial framework with decentralized account.

Our Vision

To make this vision spring up, we put forth a valiant effort to rethink how crypto cash is being moved, spent, and contributed. We built up the innovative arrangements that permit individuals and associations to utilize digital currencies as effectively as they use fiat. Consequently, we desire to draw in more rookies and urge them to change to more straightforward and valuable crypto monetary administrations.

The Problems.

We are glad to say that the Aurix biological system is worked to tackle them all: 

Low liquidity and exchange speed 

High or covered up commissions 

Intrinsic intricacy 

Instability and deceitfulness

The Solutions.

  1. Aurix Exchange offers the most elevated liquidity with quick exchange execution, so clients can purchase and sell however many coins as they need in under a second 

    All Aurix items have low predefined commissions, so no secret charges 

    We assemble our answers dependent on client improvement research, so they all have an instinctive plan with easy to understand interfaces 

    Finally, Aurix is worked with adherence to high security principles. Aurix is blockchainbased, which protects exchanges, secure, and independent.

Aurix Exchange Product:

The best stage with the best in class innovation however worked with adoration for the clients

1. Aurix Exchange


Aurix trade gives a helpful method to put resources into the most broadly exchanged digital currencies a basic path both on the work area and by means of an application. Accordingly, we do our most extreme to give an undisturbed exchanging experience to our clients.

2. Mobile App


Trading, payments, transfers, and more.all at your fingertips.

3. Cards


Aurix offers the charge card fueled by Visa/Mastercard installment network that is related with a client's wallet. It permits our clients to acquire cashbacks for every one of their buys and other ordinary exchanges. 


  • The charge and advantages structure unequivocally propels the marking and use of Aurix Tokens. Marking the Aurix Token overhauls a client's level on the stage, as indicated by the measure of the Aurix tokens marked. 

    Any more elevated level is liberally compensated by limits on exchanging expenses, an increment in accessible influence, and a wide assortment of different prizes, contingent upon the measure of the Aurix tokens held. 


    Aurix Token (AUR) is a utility symbolic that has a few highlights far beyond straightforward installment usefulness. AUR powers the generally Aurix environment, giving the client specific advantages like decreased charges on the stage.

Here are some examples of AUR advantages:

1.Payment and Card 

Acquire up to 9% cashback paying dealers on the web and disconnected 

Get up to 9% cashback with every exchange on the Visa/Mastercard Card 

Select rewards and advantages with marking AUR on the Card 


AUR can be traded for other digital currencies 

Exchanging expenses limits while paying with AUR on Aurix Exchange 

Stake AUR and acquire on Aurix Exchange


Tokensale Information:

Aurix Initial Exchange Offering will consist of 3 rounds, the first of which will commence on January 21st. Early IEO participants will receive additional bonus tokens.

● Phase 1:

21/01/2021, 10:00am, GMT – 03/02/2020 11:00pm, GMT | $1.00 | 20% Bonus!

● Phase 2:

08/02/2021, 10:00am, GMT – 22/02/2021 11:00pm, GMT | $1.00 | 10% Bonus!

● Phase 3:

26/02/2021, 10:00am, GMT – 12/03/2021 11:00pm, GMT | $1.00 | 5% Bonus!

Aurix Token Details:

  • Token name: Aurix
  • Token class: Utility Token
  • Token ticker: AUR
  • Issuing entity: AUR Protocol Labs
  • Token total supply: 20.000.000 AUR



Aurix is burning through no time and is progressing quickly towards this vision. Coordinating a raising support crusade on ExMarkets is only the beginning. Brokers who join today will likewise be joining the fate of the new monetary world request.


Meet Our Team

Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.
There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.
All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company.



Aurix is a confident biological system of monetary administrations, completely based on the standards and innovation of decentralized account. Regardless of what occurs, all exchanges will be executed, and the assets conveyed to their place of objective.

More information:

About the author: Madhuri
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