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Monday, August 16, 2021

Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency with Agenor

Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency with Agenor


Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency with Agenor

The cryptocurrency trends within the previous couple of months are predicted beforehand by experts. Experts say that within the future people will start adopting cryptocurrencies. this could come as no surprise as cryptocurrency may be a payment designed for the longer term and a rival to fiat currencies. in order that the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is that the most eagerly awaited by the worldwide crypto community. a bit like the worldwide crypto community, Agenor also believes within the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Agenor is therefore emerging as a blockchain platform which will integrate crypto into online and offline products and services and take cryptocurrency to a far better stage in its adoption.

What Agenor is doing is enabling companies, merchants and business assets to be integrated into the blockchain ecosystem, and making businesses more efficient, secure, transparent and reliable. The technology developed by Agenor is to mix the Proof of labor (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms. Adopting hybrid technology allows users on the network to profit .

What is Agenor?
Agenor aims to drive the mass adoption of the long-awaited cryptocurrency by bringing efficiency, security, transparency and reliability to each business operating within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Agenor Features

Agenor Our mission intends to encourage the long-awaited mass pooling of this sort of money by bringing unwavering capability, safety, candor and quality to any business working during a computerized cash climate.

Our Agenors will set the stage for encouraging computerized cash raisers that are populated by our efforts to make sure everyone round the world is communicating and using crypto in their ordinary everyday lives.

How does it work?

Agenor may be a blockchain stage that mixes both Proof of labor (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) understanding estimates. Getting an estimate of the hybrid PoW and PoS settings gives Agenor a drive for mass choice because it helps us expand customer responsibility, and every customer in our association will benefit. The PoW stage will end within the 100,000th square. Starting at 100,001 square, Agenor will continue its journey as a PoS coin. We give Agenor customers to ascertain the strengths, the core to settle on our establishment and therefore the way forward for our development. We understand that the mass sharing and use of computerized sorts of money are hindered by some complexity. Our aim is to get rid of these specific barriers and establish the utilization of advanced monetary forms in non-specific groups. We by and by collecting:

Marketplace that joins online shops and organizations round the world

Easy-to-use, low cost portion entry for non-specific groups.

Cryptocurrency ATM where you'll buy / sell your crypto assets easily .


Ecosystem Agenor

  • Market: A world market that's generally joined by online shops and organizations. Buy / Sell any product or organization with crypto.

    Payment Gateway: rock bottom cost portion which will not be difficult to use for non-specific groups.

    Crypto ATMs: Increase the utilization of Cryptocurrency ATMs where you'll buy and sell your crypto assets reasonably for the smallest amount expected fees.

    Push: Owning and using Agenor will have its own advantages. We admit that push may be a fundamental development of the mass rapture.

    Technical specifications


    Quark Block Time: 2 Minutes

    Retargeting Difficulty: Each Block

    Maximum Coin Supply (PoW Phase): AGE 5 Million

    Maximum Coin Supply (PoS Phase): 90 Million AGE

    Pre-Mining: 5 Million AGE

    Total Supply: 100 Million AGE


    We have created Agenor to include crypto into the online and separate things and organizations. Our fundamental mission is to assist a complicated cash climate achieve the long-awaited mass determination. we'll presumably consolidate all associations, intermediaries and business assets into an organic blockchain framework, which can make every business truly profitable, secure, direct and powerful.

Detail Information:
Merch Store:
Mining Pool:
Discord Server: http: / /
Github repo:
Wallet: Agenor / releases

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***Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk***

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